10 plans to live Madrid

Director: Santiago Alcazar

Producer: Juan Pedro Boluda

Country: Spain


A positive, uplifting piece about a city brimming with life, showcasing the main tourist attractions and cultural experiences that make Madrid a unique destination.
The video starts with the words of a narrator who is ready to take visitors on an unforgettable tour of Madrid with 10 ways to experience the capital. From culture, art, gastronomy, heritage, and tradition to local crafts, green spaces, outdoor plans and the biggest stage productions, we discover all that the destination of Madrid has to offer.


The film aims to show the way of life and the joy that is breathed in our city even in difficult times.
Our destination is lived with positivity and an infinite number of plans to make that will surely surprise you.
The goal is to place our city in the top of the most joyful cities in the world where you will always have good experiences.