Porto & the North of Portugal are awaking

Director: Ricardo Carreira

Producer: José Garcês

Country: Portugal


"Porto & the North of Portugal are awaking" is a film that tells the story of the dawn of several places in Northern Portugal, a region that never went to sleep. During the pandemic, Porto and the North of Portugal kept its eyes wide open, prepared, simmering with the expectation of opening its doors again. That energy is part of its nature. Here, the places, the people, the traditions and the offer vibrate with the melodies of each memory, with a very special sound - the sound of the typical guitar from the city of Amarante. The music that animates the cities, the experiences, the culture and the landscapes, brings a note of hope and life, inviting us to awaken to Porto and North of Portugal.


In the post-confinement period, the goal was to show that the Porto and North of Portugal was ready and with open arms to receive its visitors. We intended to awaken to a new region with a lot to discover, showing different places and irresistible offers, without crowds.