Visit Porto & North Travel Series with Gabo the Guide

Director: Marcelo Meireles Maia

Producer: Marta Marques

Country: Portugal


In the Porto & North Travel Series, ?Gabo the Guide? takes us on a fascinating journey through the North of Portugal. With his contagious energy and curiosity, he discovers the stories, traditions, and promoters of this destination's unique heritage and culture. From horse riding in picturesque mountains to having a suit tailor-made from a world-class designer and stomping grapes with fellow travelers in the famous Douro Valley, Gabo's adventures unveil the secrets of both the traditional and the contemporary, of all things Northern Portugal. The nine episodes are divided into six different themes. The first two are dedicated to Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle, followed by double episodes for Food & Gastronomy, as well as for City Breaks, one of them dedicated to the two cities in Minho, Braga, and Guimarães, and another dedicated to Porto. The seventh episode is dedicated to Nature & Active Tourism and, to finish, two episodes are dedicated to History & Heritage.


This series is meant to show the best-kept secrets of the entire region of Northern Portugal, in a wide range of different experiences. Each episode can inform, entice, and entertain those who are curious about a travel destination that longs to be discovered. It shows traveling in a light, funny, and inspiring way, where there's an experience for everyone. The presentation-led, long format approach is meant for viewers to have the possibility to enjoy each episode as a complete itinerary, or to go straight to a specific location or experience they're interested to learn more about.