Igualada, the cross on the map where the treasure is hidden

Director: Maure Bisbal

Producer: Ariadna Monleón

Producer Company: Maure Bisbal i Ariadna Monleón


Client: Ajuntament d'Igualada

Country: Spain


Igualada, a city located in the heart of Catalonia, with a privileged location, close to everything and very well connected, with the Mediterranean to the south and the Pyrenees to the north.

Igualada has many city and county assets that position it as a tourist destination and therefore become a tourist destination. As a whole, they offer a quality tourist experience.

With all its festivities and festivals, such as the European Balloon Festival (one of the most important hot air balloon events in Europe), Igualada is a dynamic city that never stops. Also, their beloved traditions and customs, such as the Three Tombs or the Feast of the Magi, with the excitement and happiness of children knowing that every year, if they have behaved well, they will bring them fantastic gifts, the cavalcade of the more than 1000 royal pages and the floats of the Magi, is impressive and exciting to see.

Culture is one of the pillars of the city. Specifically, this 2022 Igualada is the Capital of Catalan Culture. There are many cultural events that take place throughout the year, such as the Theater Show, the Zoom Festival, the Fine Art or the Anòlia, to name a few, which make Igualada an exciting city to visit any time of year. Its architecture is not far behind, with buildings such as the Asil del Sant Cristo or the Enric Miralles Cemetery, emblematic spaces of the city, which today are known for their unique characteristics. In fact, especially the Enric Miralles Cemetery, it is considered one of the most poetic works of Catalan architecture of the 20th century. And also his characters, such as the viola player and conductor Jordi Savall, who manages to excite the public wherever he goes, is one of the most recognized specialists in early music in the world and a pioneer in the recovery of the sounds of the Renaissance and the Baroque.

A university and professional city, where the leather and textile sectors go back in time, where the crossroads made this villa, a commercial villa many years ago. The gastronomic and leisure offer stands out. The Pastisseria Targarona or Restaurant Somiatruites, recognized by the Michelin Guide from 2017 to the present, with the Bib Gourmand badge, a recognition of establishments that offer good value for money. The project incorporated the new Green Star in 2020, also awarded by the Michelin Guide in recognition of its commitment to sustainability, are examples of effort, quality and good service, but there are many more in the city.

Igualada is also where the paths of Sant Jaume and Ignasià cross, drawing a cross on the map. It is part of the pilgrimage routes and more and more people are venturing to follow these spiritual and transformational paths.

The area of ??Igualada was once under the sea. This fact is key to understanding the surrounding landscape. The Anoia region has special, idyllic and uncrowded places to discover. Pools of crystal clear water such as those of Santa Càndia or Valls de l'Anoia, fields that vary in color depending on the year, forests and green trails that allow walking or playing sports, local products such as wine of height or the cigronet of the Anoia and a cultural and architectural patrimony of category, with churches, porched squares and castles.

Igualada is therefore a set of small things that combined with each other, make Igualada a big city. Where everyone has a place, where everyone is welcome and where no one will be disappointed. The experience that can be lived in Igualada is, therefore, the treasure that hides the cross in the middle of the map.


At the time of presenting the video, two objectives were defined, which were the pillars on which the work was based.

Given that Igualada is a city full of tourist assets, museums, heritage and experience, it was sought that all those Igualada men and women, watching the video, feel happy and proud of their land and be the first ambassadors and prescribers. from the city. And on the other hand,

in a sweet and pleasant way, emphasizing the little things, he had to be able to attract the visitor's attention, inviting him to discover Igualada, the city that is in the cross in the middle of the map.