Forest Rivers

Director: Slawomir Skupinski

Producer: Micha? Ogrodowczyk

Country: Poland


Poland is in the group of countries threatened by water deficit. Forests have a beneficial effect on valuable hydrological resources, providing water protection and retention. They are refuges of wild rivers today. Here we have a unique opportunity to observe still natural processes occurring in the natural environment. We cannot afford to lose such valuable biotopes, which is known to foresters, who protect wetlands and carry out many small retention projects and sustainable forest management.

A river naturally meandering among trees, not enclosed in concrete frames, cleaned, aerated, with fallen branches forming depressions carved out by the current, is the essence of nature, a natural habitat and breeding place for fish and other organisms associated with this environment.


The conviction that it is necessary to maintain wild, unregulated sections of rivers in order to protect biodiversity

showing the natural richness of wild rivers

showing that in Poland tourists can see many valuable natural areas