Voices of a City

Director: Curro Sánchez Varela

Producer: Eduardo Escorial

Producer Company: Secuoya Studios


Client: Secuoya Studios

Country: Spain


Voices of a City follows the structure of choral films and intertwined stories with the purpose of narrating, being a witness, and living everyday stories -banal or insignificant, curious, particular but identifiable and convergent- to make them intermingle with each other and come together to constitute a solid and beautiful story through the voices of famous and ordinary people along the 24 hours of any given day. Madrid with its own unique voice over qualifies and complements the stories.


The objective of the documentary is to show the reality of the entire range of stories and voices that give shape and personality to a city, to confirm through famous and anonymous citizens some of the features of Madrid as an open, hospitable, and festive city as well as chaotic, messy, and central. The goal is that the people of Madrid feel identified in the stories, see them as their own, and outsiders truly discover the personality of a complex city. An intimate portrait of a city that is difficult to catalog because it is open to the world but still retains a certain halo of a Castilian village.