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Director: Antonio Nascimento

Producer: Antonio Nascimento

Country: Portugal


Cooking, traveling, discovering, falling in love. This is "A Romance-Trip through the Gastronomy and Wines of the Center of Portugal". A love story guided by Chef Diogo Rocha. A"romance-trip" because it is impossible not to let yourself be moved and in love with this journey made up of knowledge, flavors, life stories in which life is indistinguishable from work.
For weeks, Chef Diogo Rocha scrutinized the Center Region to find products, landscapes, recipes and people. People who make this region a treasure of ingredients, flavors and unique skills. From the mountains to the sea, through plains and plateaus, caves, rivers and a ria, A "romance-trip" through the Gastronomy and Wines of Centro de Portugal" concentrates an inhospitable route of more than 1600 km and presents around 44 incredible visits in 85 pages of pure inspiration. Beiras and Serra da Estrela, Coimbra Region, Leiria Region, Ria de Aveiro, Viseu Dão Lafões, Médio Tejo, Oeste, Beira Baixa. The wealth of a unique region. Gastronomy with plenty of hands and wines made from grapes that grow in hectares that are gardens.
In this documentary, products are discovered, techniques are unveiled, flavors are tasted and knowledge is learned from those who know them best. Generous and inspiring people who dedicate their lives to the art of working what this wonderful territory offers us. Will and pride. And curiosity. The curiosity to try the new, the innovator, maintaining an unshakable pleasure and respect for the origin.
Join us on this journey and discover this novel from one end to the other. A Romance-Trip through the Gastronomy and Wines of Centro de Portugal is also a way of celebrating the Centro de Portugal region. The sea and the land, the vineyards and orchards, the corn and rye fields, the rivers and the mountains. It's a way of celebrating the products they genuinely offer us. It's a way to celebrate people and their work. Their lives.
Follow this trip and live this romance.


From the mountains to the sea, through plains and mountains, caves, rivers and estuaries, "A Romance-Travel through the Gastronomy and Wines of Central Portugal" concentrates a journey of more than 1600 km, in which 25 interviews were carried out, and features 44 visits. incredible in 85 pages of pure inspiration, with the most authentic of Central Portugal.
The book and the documentary are available on the Turismo Centro de Portugal website and are part of the tourism communication and promotion project "Experiences By", an initiative of Turismo Centro de Portugal that aims to promote the distinctive characteristics of the territory, through a network of curators of experiences in different areas. Chef Diogo Rocha was the curator of the gastronomic experiences.
It started with a challenge to Diogo Rocha, Chef Michellin of "Mesa de Lemos" Restaurante, in Centro the Portugal (https://mesadelemos.com/) who over the years has done his best to enhance the gastronomy and wines of this region. This trip shows the best we have, but leaving the traditional canons of our gastronomy and wines. We wanted to go further, taking chef Diogo Rocha to the markets, streets and alleys, restaurants and taverns of Central Portugal. He went to the producers, realized the differentiation of a region with 100 municipalities, and took advantage of the essence of our references, many of them anonymous, but all essential to put the best products from Central Portugal on the table.