Nature Without Borders

Director: Rozle Bregar

Producer: Tadej Gorzeti

Country: Slovenia


Nature Without Borders is a short documentary for Triglav National Park in Slovenia and Juilan Prealps National Park in Italy.

The precious natural world has no price, but infinite value. The only constant in nature is constant change. Fire, earth, air and water are the greatest mystery of nature, a symbol of life and a condition for it. The intense changing of nature over time can be noticed nowadays on its surface in typically shaped valleys, riverbeds, different moraines and fossils. Watercourses; gravel beds; riverbanks; valley meadows; forests; mountain pastures; bogs and wetlands; and the rocky landscape above the tree line, all the way up to the highest peaks, are habitats for more than ten thousand different plant and animal species.

Man is a part of nature but is in no way its center, its absolute master. Once a man has lost his elemental contact with nature, he has lost contact with himself.


Showing habitats for different plants and animal species inside Triglav Park (SLO) and Juilan Prealps National Park (ITA). People shoud respect natural/historical heritage and know where the natural boundaries are. Once people lose their elemental contact with nature, they may lose contact with themself.