Barcelona, Like Never Before

Director: Nathan Baidez (Equipo Singular) / Felipe Crespo (creative executive director)

Producer: The Production Club (producer). Iván Jurado (director)

Country: Spain


Barcelona, like never before is a dynamic, vibrant and impactful audiovisual piece that invites the viewer to reacquaint themselves with the city, more enthusiastically than ever, through the urban poetry of Daniel Orviz, the 2020 world champion of the Poetry Slam. A renewed city that is reaffirming its commitment to culture and reasserting its role as a creative, innovative, diverse, welcoming, safe, green and sustainable destination, like never before.


After the lockdown caused by  Covid-19, Barcelona wants to show that it has got back into its stride with this audiovisual campaign, and to convey optimism and vitality, while focusing on the authentic and creative side of the city, its lifestyle, so that it can reacquaint itself with its visitors and provide an opportunity to rediscover it. 

Turisme de Barcelona wants to promote a destination that will offer a renewed experience so people can discover a more vibrant, diverse and sustainable destination, and emphasise the promotion of culture and the Sustainable Development Goals.