To the 101st SAKURA in Hirosaki Park

Director: N/A

Producer: Tsubasa Shimoda

Country: Japan


The 100th Hirosaki Sakura Festival was cancelled due to the new coronavirus infection. The cherry blossoms of the 100th Hirosaki Park bloomed beautifully with only the sound of the wind blowing and birds chirping. The park was filled with beautiful cherry blossoms and a mysterious atmosphere with blizzards of cherry blossoms flying around. As usual, the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park were protected by the "Team Sakuramori" including the tree doctors. In this short video, I would like to share with you the cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Park in 2020.


To allow residents and tourists who were looking forward to the Sakura Festival, which was cancelled in 2020, to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the closed park during the period when the festival was supposed to be held. Also, to increase the number of tourists who want to visit Hirosaki.