Inspiration and Comfort | Timeless Yukiguni

Director: Ken Fujino

Producer: Ken Fujino

Country: Japan


This is a film to introduce the concept of the TIMELESS YUKIGUNI brand. TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an alliance of luxury accommodations located in the mountainous YUKIGUNI region about an hour and a half northwest of Tokyo. The accommodations provide experiences which expand the cultural awareness of travellers while giving them a deeper knowledge of the region. They are experiences that can only be found in YUKIGUNI which is an area that receives incredibly heavy snow.
The film follows the point of view of a traveller alongside the voice of a local. Initially these two strands run separately but as the journey progresses they start to intertwine and a dialogue ensues as the traveller starts to understand the blessings that the snow brings.


TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is a new brand and as such the initial purpose is to achieve brand recognition and the understanding of the concept. From there we are hoping that the film will inspire those with an interest in its contents to explore the website.