Klagenfurt: Everything Possible, But Nothing Necessary

Director: David Hofer

Producer: N/A

Country: Austria


A young business traveler - a typically hipster man - spends a few days in Klagenfurt. During his stay in the Renaissance town on Lake Wörthersee, he does not expect what will happen to him in the shortest possible time. In the style of "Hangover", he rushes from one event to the next and gets to know the city in the south of Austria in a way he never would have expected: there is a touch of slapstick, which makes the short film very special. The variety of possibilities - which the guest CAN, but not MUST experience - is in the foreground, staged in the most attractive locations in the city of Klagenfurt.


The film should be a video that shows Klagenfurt from completely different sides and is not mainstream. It was supposed to be a real story, a short film that doesn't follow any of the classic pretty picture patterns in tourism.
Pace, camera work without drone shots, a certain wink of the eye were conditions for the production. In addition, we wanted to set a refreshingly different mosaic stone to give the image of the city a contemporary coat of paint and to show what Klagenfurt really CAN do, without having to do everything.