Reconnect with the World in The Islands of Tahiti

Director: Circul8

Producer: Tahiti Tourisme

Country: French Polynesia


"COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, changing everything we thought we could trust and leaving us physically and emotionally disconnected from nature, from each other and from our own sense of place in the world. Our visions show that people are looking for more than holidays, they want to feel at one with the world again. The Islands of Tahiti are well positioned to deliver on this promise," says Jean Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme.

"The Islands of Tahiti are a place where the world still feels right because of the natural, untouched and inspiring beauty of the land, the ocean and the people through which the Mana flows, making one feel safe, treasured and connected to the world again," says Vaihere Lissant, Chief Marketing Officer at HQ Tahiti Tourisme. "This is exactly what the Reconnect campaign demonstrates, and what we hope will inspire travellers from Spain to visit our islands once they are able to do so."

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This digital campaign has been launched in stages, with the first awareness-raising phase aimed at encouraging travellers to start dreaming of The Tahiti Islands. A second tactical phase will encourage visitors to book holidays, something many of us felt needed after the effects of COVID-19