Kitzbühel 365 - New Worlds, New Cosms, New Wonders

Director: GmbH

Producer: N/A

Country: Austria


Creative couple with child, lives his private as well as professional fulfilled life in urban environment and treats themselves over the seasons time out in Kitzbühel to get into the here and now, to gain distance from the usual I and we without losing their identity. Gaining time, switching off, believing in dreams, being in nature, alone, as a couple, with friends, in order to transfer this time into the urban environment and to return to Kitzbühel repeatedly...following the nose.


A new understanding of quality in life, which spans everyday life and vacation, invites visitors on an alternating journey through Kitzbühel's seasons. Megatrends such as individuality, new forms of family and sustainable mobility perspectives are the motives of the new tourist generation. Here lies the potential for a forward-looking link with Kitzbühel's traditional brand core values, which are communicated via the image video.