Isle-Isolate Life

Director: Fran Torres

Producer: Iker Monje

Country: Spain


This audio-visual creation, starring Olivia Molina, a well-known Spanish actress born in Ibiza, represents the desire to feel, enjoy and share again after all that is happening. And the best way to do it is travelling to Ibiza, the island with one thousand possibilities. The other characters are the hosts, a couple that lives on the island who shows the hospitable spirit of the islanders. The main character?s journey is a trip to the strengths of Ibiza as a tourism destination: impressive natural spaces, heritage, beaches, shopping, gastronomy, music, family, friends, amusement... Through the experiences of these characters the special magic of Ibiza, that includes many islands in one, is transmitted-The soundtrack was created by the local group Joven Dolores during the first lockdown.
The lyrics are the backbone of the story.


Ibiza invites you isle-isolate you, to regain the desire to go out, to share, to travel, to enjoy, to return... when everything is over. We propose an invented concept, isle-isolated, that means all you would like to do after such a long time with lockdowns and confinements because isle-isolate is, precisely, the opposite to isolation.
The film is part of a campaign launched in Spring 2020 with a contest for homemade videos published during the first lockdown and tagging Ibiza Tourist Board (@ibizatravel). In a first step, short films were made using some images of videos that participated in the contest in order to present and consolidate the ?isle-isolate? concept.