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Director: Michael Sauer Christensen

Producer: Emilie Brandt

Country: Denmark


The video was shot and broadcasted in the middle of a raging pandemic. For weeks and months we had seen the Danish Prime Minister and Healthcare officials on TV-screens talking about nothing but covid19. TV and newspapers reported about a global economic crisis and at the same time many of us was working from home. The easy way for Danish tourism would have been to ask Danes to "please" stay in Denmark for your summer holiday this year.
Instead we wanted to take the positive angle and remind people of how wonderful Denmark really is.
We wanted to encourage people to get out and (re)discover their own country. As a "spokesperson" we asked one of Denmark's most loved actors Martin Brygmann. Martin can balance a serious message with humor like no one else AND he usually holidays in Denmark.
The film builds on a popular Danish way of speaking. When asked about what to do during the holidays many Danes will answer "We are just staying in Denmark?". But our country is much more than "just" Denmark. It's a wonderful place to holiday and that's what we needed to remind each other this summer.
Martin Brygmann addresses this by speaking directly to all Danes in this film. It has a warm feeling of nostalgia and childhood memories but it also bridges the gap to 2020 and showcases some of the things you could actually do on your holiday in Denmark this year. And the little girl with the ice cream really gave people something to talk about on social media - in a good way.
This film really sparked the conversation about summer holiday in Denmark this year.


We wanted to start a conversation about domestic holidays. A conversation about all the wonderful things you can experience in Denmark that we sometimes take for granted only because it's right outside our door. And then we wanted Danes to reconsider how they speak about holiday in their own country - like it's some kind of plan B. Denmark is plan A this year, and not because is has to be, but because of all the wonderful things waiting to be discovered.