It's Always Now at Ombria Resort

Director: João Viegas

Producer: Mónica Loureiro

Country: Portugal


In this film, we watch Nature being portrayed as the protagonist for a tranquil escape with family and friends. Seen as through the eyes of a child, the story intends to share the feeling of belonging and protection, the care and tenderness, the memories that become a part of us while witnessing the authenticity of people and the honesty of the earth. Truly incorporating Ombria's concept, the film focuses on the need to acknowledge how to enjoy time without tracking, to collect moments of joy and capture the essence of what surrounds us.


With this campaign, we wanted to convey the idea that the luxury of life is to have time to enjoy the moments that matter the most with family, friends and Nature beside us, allowing us to identify the beauty that lies in the most simple things: the sophistication and elegance in which Nature appears, the art of the details in every place, the desire to sketch a landscape instead of photographing it; to be available to tell a story in between the shadows of a curtain instead of watching a movie or turning the tv, to be free to feel life pulsing, the intensity of shared moments, in family or with friends, in a tranquil and secure place.
One of Ombria's Resort commitments is to create a sustainable luxury development in the Algarve, considered a leading south European tourist destination. Simultaneously, as it provides a sophisticated lifestyle through the construction of a luxury real estate development, perfectly integrated and situated in an unspoilt location, the resort also complements the "slow-living" experience with several awareness initiatives on the importance of sustainability and preservation of the cultural heritage.
Slow luxury living was the concept in mind to develop the promotional campaign. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, the search for tranquillity, stability and security in a secluded region has gradually increased.
The campaign "It's Always Now" consists of a mini-film and several videos and photographs that are being used in several communication media to promote a unique lifestyle in the south of Portugal. Produced in inland Algarve, where Ombria Resort is located, and having the Viceroy Residences show apartment, the golf course and its landscape as the perfect backdrop, the movie captures the beauty of natural sceneries, with Rocha da Pena, Fonte da Benémola and the Falésia beach, but also highlights the picturesque village of Querença and the city of Loulé, with the showcase of well-known places like the Loulé market and the historic downtown.