We Look Forward to Seeing You Again. In Austria.

Director: Johannes Grebert/West4Media and Axel Stasny/Muellers Bureau

Producer: N/A

Country: Austria


The year 2020 was a difficult one for the worldwide tourism industry as well. The COVID-19 pandemic placed great constraints on the lives of people all over the world, and an end to this is not foreseeable for January 2021 either. For this reason, in its communication with guests and those interested in Austria, the Austrian National Tourist Office is focussing on confidence. We portray people who in this empathetic habitat care for the country and its culture and look to the future with optimism - and who are already looking forward to welcoming guests to Austria again.


With this video, we want to establish Austria as an empathetic habitat. Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean that holidays in the customary sense are presently (January 2021) not possible. For this reason, we are keeping Austria as a holiday destination present in people's minds with beautiful images and touching moments, while communicating a message of confidence: We look forward to seeing you again in Austria.