Tourism Center of Portugal I No Pain, No Gain

Director: Pedro Vieira and Tiago Cardoso

Producer: Lúcia Silva

Country: Portugal


The serie "In the Center of Portugal, Life is Now", emerge as a response to the pandemic of COVID-19. Tourism Center of Portugal had to find new products, that could appears as a response to the new trends of tourist behaviour, has:
1. Active Tourism
2. Wine tourism and Gastronomy
3. Business Tourism and digital nomadism
4. Tourism Film Destination
5. A special Xmas to appeal people to do their Christmas shopping in traditional commerce
6.Military Tourism
All spots begin with six people in an internet meeting, using ZOOM platform (the way that people discover and begun to use, to be together and to work, in this pandemic times). At the end of the meeting, the main character, closes the computer, and we can see him/her in a different place in the center of Portugal, proving that is possible, simultaneously, to work and to enjoy life, in this great region.
Each spot has a medium lenght from 25´s to 43´s, to use in social media and in digital marketing.


The main claim of this movie is that "in the Center of Portugal, no pain, no gain", as we believe that without difficulties, hard work, and dedication, nothing is possible to achieve. So, in times like we are living, pandemic for COVID-19, with so many difficulties, with so many restrictions and doubts, Tourism Center of Portugal wants to appoint new "normals" in tourist behaviour, new and secure ways to travel, to live.
It intended to prove that it is possible to work and to travel, in the Center of Portugal, touristic
region that gathers all conditions and the best assets to it in safety.
Center of Portugal is a diverse region, with low populational density, nature, heritage, ancient
villages, culture, religion and spirituality, good wines and gastronomy, cinematografic places,
horizontal accomodations...
All the assets to be a good option to whom that in this times wants to travel and be safe.