A Table For All

Director: Sean Slobodan

Producer: Sandra Salvas, Rosie Serago

Country: United States


Food gives us an opportunity to slow down, savor, teach or learn something, celebrate people, moments and life. Food is royalty when it comes to breaking barriers, because diners don't need to speak the same language to communicate how good food tastes or how to prepare it. Food shows everyone that cultures, flavors, textures can mingle and co-exist in positive ways.

As Utah continues to evolve, it may just be food that grows us most. Whether you come here to live, visit or are simply passing through, we welcome everyone to join a delicious and vibrant global conversation centered around food, a well-rooted conversation that elevates all of our lives far beyond the plate.


There is no better connector than food. It's where families, friends, and strangers connect. Promoting growth, support, and connection in our communities that becoming more and more diverse was the focus of this series.