Director: Roger Serrasqueiro

Producer: Sofia Miranda

Country: Portugal


Little by little, the film takes us to a place that we really want to know: Cascais (the municipality of Cascais).

In a sequence of images, the camera presents life in the small streets of the town, in contrast to the immensity of the view of the Serra de Sintra.

Interacting with people's lives, some are locals, others foreigners, others even though they came to Cascais ayora itself, they have already begun to call it home.

The natural light that passes through the blinds, the trees, the tracks and the golf courses invariably guides us towards the sea.

In Cascais there are innumerable emotions, but the sensation of having bare feet in the sand of the beach, on one of the several beaches on the coastline which is only 20 minutes from the capital, remains forever in everyone's memory. what visit Cascais.


This promotional video presents the various attractions of Cascais aimed at specific types of tourists: Families, Couples, Young Individual Clients or Intergenerational Groups.