Forever Is Now

Director: Sean Slobodan

Producer: Shandi Kano

Country: United States


Zion National Park is the poster child for public lands on the brink of being loved to death. The last decade brought unprecedented numbers of tourists year after year and now, the 100-year old park is at an inflection point. As Zion looks to its next hundred years, it needs a new generation of advocates for public land and stewards for conservation.

Forever Is Now follows ten people who are Zion's keepers and caretakers. At a time of increasing tension between recreation and environmental impact, the film follows a path to the future through character stories that are personal, complex, and compelling.

From climbers on Zion's towering sandstone to a first-time visitor from Japan, the film shares stories of people striving for balance in precious places. Shot in all four seasons across fourteen successive months, the film captures Zion like it's never been seen before instilling a sense of awe and ownership for public lands today, tomorrow, and forever.


Going into the film, authentic storytelling was our biggest focus. Connecting with any audience relies on storytelling that's genuine, moving, and personal. We sought out characters that reflected that authenticity, who were honest and open about their own experience in our public lands. From stay-at-home parents, to the worlds foremost outdoor adventurers, we believe that

Forever Is Now is uniquely positioned to speak to all of us and help positively influence our interactions with the environments around us. Ultimately, that is our goal: 

Our partnership with The Zion Forever Project has been a major driver and asset as we've sought out other platforms and like-minded organizations across the globe. For the moment, self-distribution is our focus. Beginning with festivals and private screenings, our goal is to ultimately work with educational institutions, from public schools to museums, to help instill a message of stewardship with our kids from a young age.