Trash Does Not Likes (La Basura No Da Likes)

Director: Sergio Otegui y Alberto Menéndez

Producer: Independent

Country: Spain


#LaBasuraNoDaLikes is a sustainable tourism initiative that takes place in Indonesia, the second largest producer of plastic in the world, being one of the places where its society, ecosystems and oceans (such as coral) are most in danger along with the rest of the planet .

With this project, we wanted, on the one hand, to travel showing the tourist side of a paradisiacal destination that gives many "Likes" on instagram, but at the same time showing the uncomfortable reality of those places (in the form of garbage and plastics) that many times does not appear on social networks because it is not pretty.

But above all, in "Trash Does Not Likes" we try to raise awareness about a common problem that belongs to everyone: garbage and plastic. And with this objective, we embarked for the Asian country. The most important part of our mission was to understand the problem from the hand of those who have to face it every day, giving visibility to local groups and above all with an emphasis on education. Finally, whenever possible, we would try to be part of the solution by acting side by side with them.


KLM, Royal Dutch Aviation Company, has been working very actively for years in favor of a more sustainable aviation. It is a pioneer in many sustainability actions in the sector. In this context, KLM promotes different projects whose objective is to improve our environment. In 2019, three travel bloggers ( /; launched the #LaBasuraNoDaLikes initiative, whose objective was to give visibility to a problem that exists in Indonesia, a country with a rich world heritage but with serious problems of Marine contamination. KLM sponsored the flights of these bloggers.