Vegan on a Jet Plane: Bali

Director: Jacob Teixeira

Producer: Odyssey Films

Producer Company: Ally Teixeira


Client: No client, it was a self produced and funded project.

Country: United States


Nutritionist and world traveler Ally Teixeira searches for the best vegan foods this world has to offer. Her journey starts in Bali, Indonesia where she'll take you on an island tour of a lifetime.


Adopting a vegan diet is one of the best choices a person can make to positively impact our environment and our health. The purpose of this film is twofold: first, to attract interest in and normalize a vegan diet. We want to demonstrate that it is easy to enjoy delicious vegan cuisine anywhere in the world. Secondly, we want to showcase ways of living that may be different from that of the viewer. We want to ignite interest in exotic cultures and compassion towards people from all over the globe.