From Trash to Treasure: turning negatives into positives

Director: iara lee

Producer: iara lee

Country: Lesotho


From erosion to overgrazing to enduring poverty, the people of Lesotho - a highland country surrounded by South Africa - face a variety of difficult challenges. Yet grassroots communities in the country also exhibit tremendous resourcefulness and creativity. In particular, a wealth of artists have mastered a talent for resurrection, developing the skill to creatively turn negatives into positives: Designers who turn discarded trash into beautiful jewelry, clothes, rugs. Filmmakers who turn tragedy into artistic expressions of resilience and compassion. Musicians who write songs to save the environment. In this short, Cultures of Resistance Films profiles a variety of these inventive creators, introducing viewers to a fascinating cast of local residents who are using art as a means of communicating a communal desire for positive change.


We would like to present you our latest film: From Trash to Treasure: turning negatives into positives (duration 24 min) that talks about the creativity and resourcefulness in grassroots communities in Lesotho.