The Great Way

Director: Alba Prol Cid, Raul Garcia

Producer: Raúl García Pérez

Country: Spain


Two young filmakers travel the world´s greatest hiking routes (Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - PERU; Kumano Kodo Trail - JAPAN, Pacific Crest Trail - USA; Camino de Santiago - EUROPE) to find stories that reveal the reasons for the walking nature of the human being. A round-the-world trip through the people on the trails, that connects us to earth and takes us back.


We want to show that there is another kind of travelling -by foot- where we can use our own legs to discover the world, being closer to the people of the trails: another travellers, local people behind the trails and also ourselves. Getting immersed in nature for days, weeks or months, only with a packpack, is a different kind of experience, more free, that connects us back to our roots. This allow us to go deeper into the issues of each place and discover each country in a different way. The Great Way also wants to entertain and show the beauties and cultural heritage of the different walking routes of the world where it is shot, paying attention to details, traditions and distinctive features of each place.

With this documentary we aim to reach different audiences across the globe: first at film festivals, then selling it to different travel tv channels or digital platforms. I may also be transformed to a TV series.