The Soul of a Cyclist

Director: Nuno Tavares

Producer: Nuno Tavares

Producer Company: Anticyclone Productions

Agency: NA

Client: NA

Country: Portugal


Through a group of "classic" cyclists and their common interest in the classic bicycle, we'll discover values that are being lost in our modern society, such as the importance of friendship, ecology, valuing the old, minimalism and, other important premises to achieve a happier, simpler and more fulfilled life with what really matters. As in life, in this documentary, bicycles transport us in our discovery, in our reflection.


Riding a bicycle is a healthy and ecologic activity which can be also turned into a lifestyle itself. "The Soul of a Cyclist" aims to convey a deeper insight into the "tribe" of classical cyclists. We will find out that behind this lifestyle there are many personal relationships, filled with human values, the sharing of good moments, the search and everyday living of "vintage" traditions. This documentary will allow the viewer to travel, discover and fall in love with this lifestyle.