El Garraf, Land of Festivals

Director: Arnau Guardia Mas

Producer: NODE Garraf

Country: Spain


The Garraf Terra de Festivals explains the situation experienced during the first wave of the health crisis that began in March 2020. At the same time it serves to send a message of optimism, collaboration between them, pride of region and the desire to resume the activity with more strength and enthusiasm than ever in a region that shows a unique potential in the field of festival organization.
More than 20 festivals in the county, more than 640 artists and 100 stages, it attracts almost 276,000 people from outside the county and generates about 1.300 jobs.
The Garraf sounds louder than ever.


To promote the more than 20 festivals in the region, from all areas, as a first-rate tourist asset and attraction. In an unbeatable environment, while giving value to the cultural potential of a region rich in artists and event organizers.