Slovenia Land of the Bears

Director: Camille Okroglic / Jonathan Mas

Producer: Nathanaël Friloux

Producer Company: Guindala Production / Ampersand


Client: Ushuaïa TV

Country: France


In Slovenia, on the edge of the last primary forests in Europe, man and bear coexist in peace. This small country has become a model in this respect. The animal has even inspired a rich and colourful folklore.

How did the Slovenians manage to live in harmony with the plantigrade?

Breeders, researchers and even artists show us the way in a country where nature and traditions are still very much intertwined.

Over the seasons, this film crosses the paths of bears and humans in a magnificent and incredibly well-preserved ecosystem.


This movie Highlited Slovenia as a model of sustanaible management of the environment and tourism. 

This film aimed to explain how man and bears can live in Peace and coexist in a preserved nature.