Rijeka I Miss You

Director: Herve Tirmarche

Producer: Spomenka Saraga

Country: HR


Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture 2020, the city of unique qualities, offers everything that a modern city offers. It has great accommodations, food, and entertainment available throughout the whole year. With a fast, modern shooting and editing, we will take you throughout the city to show you its famous landscapes: City fresh market (beautiful art nouveau market halls), Rijeka's Carnival (which put Rijeka on a world map of carnivals), Trsat (with a shrine that every believer wants to visit at least once), Old Town (where you can see Rijeka's beginnings), Museums (featuring Titanic life jacket), Rijeka's Rock Scene, and all of the fun that this city is known for, far beyond our beautiful borders.
The young cheerful couple will take us through the town where they will be visiting the Korzo promenade, restaurants, beaches and other sights we want to show.
In a second story, we'll have an older couple enjoying holidays in Rijeka.
Finally, followed by a third person/a joung women as domestic tourist who come to the city for a few days to meet with friends from a foreign country and show them local culture and food.
The story "Rijeka City Break" will invite tourists to visit Rijeka - the European Capital of Culture 2020.
Apart from inviting foreigners, we will invite local guests to visit Rijeka too.


The City of Rijeka presented its candidature for European Capital of Culture 2020 aiming to create numerous cultural programmes of high artistic quality, create cultural programmes with a strong European dimension and in transnational cooperation, include a wide range of stakeholders and citizens as programme participants and an audience, improve cultural infrastructure, develop the skills, capacity and governance of the cultural sector, encourage partnership and cooperation with other sectors, promote the city and its cultural programmes and enhance the international orientation and visibility of the city of Rijeka and the whole region