Austria Strengthens Ties

Director: Johannes Grebert

Producer: West4media Filmproduktions Gmbh

Country: AU


Austria strengthens ties.
What a beautiful view to wake up to!
The sky and the mountains in purple and red!
And now a surprise breakfast with ingredients sourced from the nearby farm.
The landlady gives a helping hand.
Riding the chairlift, pure happiness sets in. With a breathtaking panoramic view so close, you can almost touch it; and with a pleasant girl in ski gear sharing the seat allowing for the perfect opportunity for a flirt.
Carving down the slope, clouds of powder snow swirl up with each turn and the wind brushes against the face, as endorphin levels remain constant.
Who will win the race? The well-earned time to relax then comes at the alpine hut.
A playful snowball fight is just the right thing for the children?s remaining amount of energy.
We?ve automatically become closer again. On a winter holiday in Austria."


to fill the audience with enthusiasm for Holidays in Austria