Seek Less, Find More.

Director: Mark Gersdorfer

Producer: Das Rund Gmbh

Producer Company:



Country: AT


The new image film from the Austrian National Tourist Office invites the viewer on a journey to discover the amazingly multi-faceted sides of Austria.
After all, music and the arts are not just confined to concert halls and opera houses. Culture can also be encountered in unexpected places.
The whole of Austria is a stage and every location has its own individual charm. So a fascinating trip begins through the mountains, along the Danube and on to the global city of Vienna. We capture moments that tell stories. Stories that showcase places. Innsbruck, an enchanting city with alpine flair. Salzburg, a cultural metropolis of international theatre and festival. Linz, a source of inspiration on the Danube and Vienna, the ihspiring music capital of the world.
Seek less, find more ? Culture can lead us to undiscovered destinations and help us gain new perspectives.


to fill the audience with enthusiasm for Holidays in Austria