You Only Love Once

Director: Telmo De Campos Martins

Producer: Lobby Productions

Producer Company:



Country: PT


In a unique and magical place where tranquility, comfort and excellence coexist, the past brings them together through happy memories of those who are destined to be together forever. Those responsible are the agents of invincible love.


In a statement to mark the importance of people to Vidamar Resorts, and having also as a stepping stone an effort in a differentiated positioning, we take a more emotional and warm approach to our customers and potential customers, and less cold/impersonal and focused solely on the product.
We want our Resorts and hotels to be seen and felt as enhancers of happy stories, to be witnesses to the joy, well-being, quality, difference and unique experiences. In this way, and to underline our deep concern for our customers, we wanted to bring to them a happy story that takes place at VidaMar Algarve. A story of love, of people, of life and happiness that unfolds naturally in our destination and resort. A film that offers the viewer a chance to to be interested in this plot without ever trying to impose or force any attempt of direct sell. Our main concern was to provide the viewer with a good experience while bringing the VidaMar Algarve to him.

This short film will be the center of an integrated, international digital campaign. Starting from the film, several trailers of the same, all focused on different targets, will assume the role of advertising films of 1 minute each, the film poster will be the creative tool and format for the print communication. The entire campaign will emerge as a communication campaign similar to the release of a movie in a theater.
At the same time, 15 films focused entirely on the hotel's products, with 1 minute each, will be directed to different types of profile and target, geographically sectored by interests, ages, family type and gender.