Water And Snow In Jotunheimen

Director: Sven-Erik Knoff

Producer: Sven-Erik Knoff

Producer Company:



Country: NO


Water and snow in Jotunheimen, Norway was filmed in April and June 2019 in the beautiful mountain area of Jotunheimen, an area between Bergen and Trondheim well known for the highest peaks in Norway.


We had quite eco-friendly images in the planning, and we are happy to see that the final result came out really well. Drone shots in this area requires special permissions from the authorities (needless to say we had permissions).

The film was made in cooperation with the power producer Eidefoss (a local company, producing electricity purely from water) together with the client Visit Jotunheimen (www.visitjotunheimen.no).

Again, as often to these kind of films from FotoKnoff, the music was selected from Two Steps From Hell (Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen) that goes along really well with these kind of landscapes.
Great Spirits from the album Dreams and Imaginations.