Takes You By Surprise - Koroska Region

Director: Ales Petric

Producer: proBakster

Country: SI


Koroska is the union of three valleys connected with forests, rivers, hills and mountains. It has been a crossroads of paths since the Roman era. The unique nature, vast forests, green pastures, mountains, hills and valleys are the pride and inspiration of the people of the Koroska region. People are characterized by remarkable kindness, pride and love for their land. Many famous people have roots here, and they express their love for the region in their work and gladly promote it in the world. Each traveller will be welcomed by the robust, yet good-natured hospitality of the locals, the proud successors of the self-made men. Koroska! Let it surprise you.


Presenting a treasury of surprises with a rich history and natural gifts invites you to an active exploration of culture and nature of Koroska region.