Destino Alentejo

Director: Joo Pedro Viegas

Producer: New Light Pictures

Country: PT


In this film, a man returns to is childhood land for the grape harvest season, finding is beloved family and friends and the breathtaking nature of the place. Someone unexpected appears helping him to rediscover the land and maybe a new life.

The Alentejo region still functions with the seasons where the pace is
set with the natures balance. Here you find the right time to seed and
the right time to crop, to rest, to enjoy and to find what life is
really about.


Destination film promotion for the Alentejo Region that represents a land with fabulous contrasts, from the interior to the shoreline. No only with postal card sceneries but also revealing the delicious food and welcoming people. The historic cities and villages plus amazing Castles that trigger the imagination of times long, long passed ?