Tamsui-Kavalan Historical And Cultural Trails

Director: Qing-Yang Xiao

Producer: Mickey Huang

Country: TW


The Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails (TKT) dates back 200 years when it was the network connecting the "Tamsui Subprefecture" in the north with the "Kavalan Subprefecture"in the east in the early Qing Dynasty. The trail was an essential transportation lifeline crossing the east and the west that has witnessed our ancestors' migration, industrial development, and town settlements. It is a long-distance mountain trail that has collected rich memories throughout history.


We hope to to spread awareness about the Tamsui -Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails, and our spirit of adopting eco-craft methods to regularly maintain the trails. This is the way for the Tamsui-Kavalan Historical and Cultural Trails to continue on in its next hundred years, while creating a more direct and deep bond with the people living on this land.