The Snowfield: A Journey Into The Wild

Director: Hiroki Ito

Producer: Hiroki Ito

Producer Company:



Country: JP


Located at the northern tip of Japan, Soya region in Hokkaido is close to Siberia having a border to Russia. Soya is known as a sightseeing spot that has a natural vast landscape straddling over islands whereas most of the area is uncultivated to remain natural. On the other hand, the wilderness is covered with snow in winter and changing its form would make you think as if standing in the Antarctic circle. 


I searched a restricted area where I can only visit in this season, which is about 2,5000 hectares of the hinterland of the National Nature Park. I?ve created a video work that shows flora and fauna surviving in a severe environment, natural sceneries that have been continuing from the ancient times and the traces of people who live vigorously in this area.