Pampilhosa da Serra - Nature's Shopping Centre

Director: David Mendes

Producer: Ideias com Pernas

Producer Company:



Country: PT


Whenever we feel like finding ourselves, whenever we wish to be focused or serene, we say we must concentrate. Center our energies. Restart the game... place the ball at the centre of the field. Close to all of us, Pampilhosa da Serra, offers the very Centre of Nature, where you can find everything you really need.

"Pampilhosa da Serra - Nature's Shopping Center" it's an inspiring journey to a place that offers us all that nature has of the most pure.


The main objective of the film is to promote the destination of Pampilhosa da Serra and the nature tourism of this municipality in central Portugal. In other words, you want everyone watching the movie to realize how incredibly beautiful and tranquil this place is, unlike what is in town.