Coimbra Region | European Region Of Gastronomy 2021 | A Million Food Stories

Director: Paulo Leito

Producer: BKN Multimdia

Country: PT


?Coimbra Region | A Million Food Stories? is a journey around the flavours of Coimbra Region, awarded with European Region of Gastronomy 2021, given by International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture and Arts and Tourism.

This award, aims to raising awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness, stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation, educating for better nutrition, improving sustainable tourism standards, highlighting distinctive food cultures.


The gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the Coimbra Region, such as Rice from the Mondego River fields, Conventual Pastry and Sweets, Honey, Wine among many others.

Based on the richness of the products of the land, we mix all the ingredients and we cook an excellent tourist recipe, linking the territory with the excellence of its flavours and recipes!

This is one of the best incentives to start discovering our culture and our identity.