Architecte du Vivant 2020

Director: Christophe Geriment

Producer: Henry Saubot - Willcom

Country: FR


Groupama, an institutional investor with strong agricultural roots, plans and manages its forest investments over the long term (measured in centuries!) taking into account factors such as climate change, biodiversity, landscape balance, waste recycling, carbon offsetting and wildlife. As the third largest private forest owner in France (22,000 hectares), the Group also draws on its knowledge of forestry matters in its urban building projects, and in solidarity actions. For example, it has undertaken to supply wood from centenary oak trees for the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral?s roof.
This poetic yet committed film reveals a vision, passion and know-how, as well as humility, a sense of sharing and transmission, of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. It reflects the group?s ambition, with its forests, to approach finance differently and to draw on the past as we look to the future. The film?s conclusion: "Life can mean all of this too..."


European law and regulations require a mutual insurer like Groupama to hold considerable assets as a guarantee of its business strength and capacity to honour its Non-Life and Life insurance commitments. While most people are aware of the strictly financial or urban property investments, they are often less familiar with our forestry assets, patiently acquired over almost a century and managed directly by the group in keeping with its roots and with its values as a mutual insurer: long term, close contact with the grassroots level, a love of nature, solidarity and mutual aid. It is important that Groupama elected representatives, members and employees are made more aware of these forest assets and how they are managed, and that they can be proud of them. More generally, this film can inform the general public about the positive impact that the investment practices of financial institutions can have.