- Creative Tourism In Portugal

Director: Nuno Barbosa

Producer: Tiago Castro, Nuno Barbosa, Sílvia Silva

Country: PT


Along the CREATOUR project, a research-and-application project in Portugal, a network of cultural and tourism practitioners was forged, embodying the dream of local revitalization, through small-scale and community-based sustainable experiences in small cities and rural areas. In order to know and experience first-hand some of the inspiring activities we went from North to South of Portugal looking for those creative tourism projects. It was a beautiful and touching journey! This is our story...


Highlight the organizations across Portugal who designed and implemented a wide array of creative tourism offers within the CREATOUR project, being co-researchers, entrepreneurs and catalysts of local networks;

Promote creative tourism concept and initiatives in small cities and rural areas, as a small-scale and community-based sustainable tourism;

Emphasize Portugal as tourist destination that promotes cultural and natural heritage valuation and the defense of sustainable tourist practices.?