Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese

Director: E. Samantha Cheng

Producer: E. Samantha Cheng

Country: US


Honor and Duty: The Mississippi Delta Chinese three-part documentary series tells the story of an almost forgotten community of Chinese in America's Deep South. This unique story shows how Chinese families built an enduring kinship and friendship through small town markets and grocery stores in the segregated South. It draws in part on the memories of the patriotic Chinese WWII veterans who lived in the area and stepped forward to serve in WWII and the families and community that supported them.


The objective of this film series is to educate and entertain while inspiring and provoking thought amongst viewers. The film series speaks to the little known history of Chinese in the United States who immigrated in the mid-19th century to current times. It creates an archival record of the Chinese living in the deep-south?s will to survive, their service to country and their contributions to society.