True North, Akita. #4

Director: Maki Indo

Producer: Hidetaka Ino

Country: JP


On New Year's Eve, some family members who live away from their parents come back to their parents home. In Japan, New Year's Eve is the day for preparing for welcoming 'Toshigami-sama', a Shinto God who brings people abundant harvest for the year. After cleaning up the house, the families eat at the same table. Around midnight people go to a shrine or temple for 'Hatsumoude' to express gratitude and pray for the god. After celebrating the New Year's day, people back to normal life.


This movie is the fourth and last film of the 'True North, Akita.' series.

Akita prefecture is in the North-East Parts of Japan. Since it located far away from Tokyo, we can still meet the traditional way of living in Japan.Through this series, we try to record the traditional but daily life of the ordinal people in Japan and leave it to the posterity. And we hope the people who met this film go there by themselves.