True North, Akita. #3

Director: Maki Indo

Producer: Hidetaka Ino

Country: JP


One summer day of a fisherman's family which lives in a small port town in the Oga Peninsula in Akita prefecture, Japan begins very early morning. There are few young fishermen in Oga peninsula. But the grandfather and father go fishing together at 4 am. After small daughters getting up, the grandfather and father come back from the fishing. The time for the family goes gently.


This movie is the third film of the 'True North, Akita.' series.

Akita prefecture is in the North-East Parts of Japan. Since it located far away from Tokyo, we can still meet the traditional way of living in Japan.Through this series, we try to record the traditional but daily life of the ordinal people in Japan and leave it to the posterity. And we hope the people who met this film go there by themselves.