Make It Happen In Catalonia: Claudia

Director: Carlos Ortet

Producer: Agencia Catalana de Turismo / ZOOPA

Country: ES


Claudia Beitsch, a leading Blogger in Germany, travels to Catalonia with a wish list to fulfill. Is it true that Catalonia can make them possible? Fortunately, he has a good guide, Ona Carbonell, an Olympic medalist with the synchronized swimming team in Spain. Ahead three intense days with the challenge of swimming on the Costa Brava, cycling through the beautiful towns of the province of Girona, running in Calella de Mar, canoeing in Amposta, sailing in Ametlla de Mar and practicing soccer in Salou. Luckily, the excellent facilities and the good weather of Catalonia make things a little easier.

Although it may seem a lie ... you can also relax trying the famous rice of the Ebro Delta, cycling along the rice paddies and watching the birds of that incredible miracle ecosystem of nature.

Catalonia Make It Happen, conveys the idea that in Catalonia you can do everything we want, all that helps us to be better people and better athletes. Wishes fulfilled for Claudia.


Make It Happen is a content campaign that impacts German tourists to choose Catalonia as a destination to practice and enjoy their favorite sport while learning about Catalan culture and cuisine. It is a campaign where we talk about territory, values ??, and sport, where everyone can meet the requirements to give pleasure to the sporting soul. We understand sport as a vehicle that brings us closer to healthy living and that makes us discover our territory, and we communicate it through a thematic year, the Year of Sports Tourism 2020, to focus all communications on this product. Through the storytelling created, we will see how the values ??of the campaign are introduced, values ??linked to the world of sport, such as healthy living, equality, overcoming, inclusion and accessibility, technological innovation and even teamwork; and, in addition, there are destinations in our territory that may be of interest to athletes and lovers of good food.