Ravne 2 - Most Unique Energy Park In Europe

Director: Milutin Labudovi

Producer: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Country: BA


"Ravne 2 - Most Unique Energy Park in Europe" is a Documentary about the Archeological-Tourist park Ravne 2 in Visoko, Bosnia and Hercegovina. In the Documentary, dr. Sam Osmanagich, the famous discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids, guides the viewers through the story of the creation of the park, which was neglected, swampy, full of trash until 2015. Dr. Osmanagich purchased 15 properties next to each other and started realizing his vision?most unique and beautiful park in Europe.


Promotion of the Archaeological Tourist Park Ravne 2 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most Unique Energy Park in Europe with all its elements and spiritual and scientific value, as well as its amazing transformation - from mud, undergrowth, landfill, swamps to a park of 55.000 square meters of beautiful lawns, alleys of trees, flower beds, meditation labyrinths, sculptures, megalithic installations, trim trails, children playgrounds, stages for meditation and concerts and so on.