Sangulí Salou

Director: Roger Estil·les

Producer: Sangulí

Producer Company:



Country: ESP


This is an invitation for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary, something extraordinary.
This video takes a tour across all our facilities and accommodation by following the different members of a family in their daily routines at the Sangulí Salou Camping & Resort. It shows the family spending time in the different pools and restaurants and taking part in entertainment activities.


The main goal of this video is to remind our customers of our existence and hence, to be considered as the perfect spot to spend their holidays. 

The video shows to our potential customers the colors and the singularity of our facilities and accommodation.

We wanted to create an honest audiovisual piece that reflects the life of our Camping & Resort.

Other goals

To generate interest to come and visit us.

To recreate the emotions and feelings which our customers experience when they spend their holidays in our Resort.