Cultural route of Becharac & Ganga

Director: Alen Kocic koc

Producer: Tourist board of Pleternica, Tourist board of Tomislavgrad

Country: HRV


The cross border problems are the tourist potentials not sufficiently
exploited of both areas that need to be joint together into a common
tourist offer. The common challenge is to establish a permanent,
high-quality tourism destination management based on the valorization of
cultural heritage. The project approach in addressing the common
challenges is the development of cultural heritage based on "Becharac
and Ganga" ? the forms of folk songs protected by UNESCO as an
intangible cultural heritage. Both towns have protected the names
"Becharac Museum" in Pleternica and "Ganga Museum" in Tomislavgrad as
intellectual property (label) and as such are unique in CRO and BiH.
This excellent foundation for the restoration and preservation of
cultural and historical heritage is also an ideal opportunity to develop
cross-border tourism and cultural events.


presenting Town of Pleternica (Croatia), and Town of Tomislavgrad (BiH), what these two towns and regions joint together has to offer tourists from all over the world. Cultural heritage, tradition, gastronomy and intact natural beauty.