Amazigh 4167

Director: Eduard Jornet i Alicia Almiana

Producer: Queralt Reig / Ralda World

Country: ESP


Jamal and Hamid are two young Amazighs living in the Imlil Valley, near Toubkal, and will participate for the first time in the ultra trail race that is celebrated every year in the area.

Sponsored by Eduard Jornet, we will follow them before, during and after the race, where we will know the customs and traditions of their Berber people, as well as their dreams and yearnings.

We will race the hand of organizers, volunteers ... a whole universe around an Amazigh field race where the highest peak reaches 4,167.


"Everyone finds their space in UTAT. A culture is discovered, a town with its own history and identity"

Cyrille Sismondini - Organizer race UTAT

"Participating in an ULTRA TRAIL race is a challenge with oneself"

Eduard Jornet